Dr. Alexander Zemtsov, MD, MSC., FAAD, MDS

Board Certified MOHs Surgeon, Board Certified Dermatologist & Owner

Dr. Zemtsov is the owner and founder of University Dermatology Center. He is the only Board Certified MOHs surgeon in East central Indiana. He graduated with honors from New York University School of Medicine. After completing Dermatology residency at the world famous Cleveland Clinic, he was employed as a full time faculty member in the department of dermatology at Texas Medical School. He is a recipient of a number of state, national, and international dermatology awards. Dr. Zemtsov is an Associate Professor of Clinical Dermatology at IU School of Medicine. Besides specializing in MOHs and reconstructive plastic surgery, Dr. Zemtsov has expertise in Dermatopathology and treatment of complex and challenging dermatology problems.
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