What is plasma fibroblast treatment?

This treatment is also known as plasma skin resurfacing, and it targets fibroblasts which are collagen- and protein-producing cells in the dermis of the skin. Fibroblasts help wounds heal and can help keep the skin tight and firm. With plasma fibroblast treatment, a pen-like device, called the Plasma Pen, is used. It sends an electric current to areas of the skin which causes micro-injuries that stimulate the activity of the fibroblasts, break down the proteins in the skin, promote tissue regeneration, and cause the skin to contract and tighten. Soon after, the patient is left with a tighter, clearer, more youthful look!

Why should I get a fibroblast treatment?

First and foremost, the treatment is nonsurgical, so it does not have the same risks that come with surgery. Secondly, the treatment is very versatile, so it can help with different issues like stretch marks, acne scarring, age spots, wrinkles, and other signs of aging in places like the eyelids, neck, and jawline. It is possible for a fibroblast treatment to be an alternative to a lip filler too! Improved skin texture, tightened skin, a more sculpted look, and a more youthful appearance are some of the big benefits of fibroblast treatment, but there is even more to it than that! It can be used anywhere on the body.
The effects of fibroblast treatment are permanent, but it does not stop the aging process. This is a big deal for many patients, especially those who are fed up with the short-term effects of treatments like cosmetic injections. Also, these other treatments are not natural treatments, but fibroblast is natural because it simply stimulates the body’s natural ability to heal itself! As you can see, there are lots of benefits to fibroblast treatment, and overtightening will not occur resulting in a natural look.

What can I expect for results from fibroblast treatment?

You can almost certainly expect results! You will likely see improvements to your skin’s texture and tightness, as well as accentuations to your skin’s natural contours. Issues like scarring and spots and wrinkles will be diminished too. All these things will contribute to a rejuvenated, more youthful look.
Fibroblast treatment is new to the cosmetic treatment industry, but it has been shown to work, with patients reporting a 37% reduction in facial wrinkling and a 68% overall improvement in facial appearance. There is a very good chance the treatment will work just as well for you, so there is a very good reason to learn more about it during a free consultation with one of our specialists. There is minimal downtime with recovery.