A vascular lesion is a skin blemish due to abnormal blood vessels located directly under the surface of the skin, thereby giving the skin a red color. Types of vascular lesions include port-wine stains, hemangiomas, cherry angiomas, and spider veins. Before the advent of laser surgery, there was no acceptable treatment for the various types of vascular lesions.

  1. Telangiectasias are spider-like facial capillaries that appear on the face and the nose—most often in conjuction with Rosacea—making the entire area appear red. Over the course of several laser treatments, they can be easily and effectively eliminated
  2. Spider angiomas are composed of a central, raised arteriole from which a web of smaller capillaries radiate outward. Laser treatment of the central arteriole can eliminate this entire web.
  3. Cherry angiomas, which form due to bulbous swelling in the capillaries, appear as bright red or burgundy papules. When they are subjected to laser treatment, cherry angiomas will first flatten, lose color, and disappear.